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cookware, table and kitchen accessories since 1929.  

For more than 80 years Pinti Inox spa has been passing down from generation to generation the techniques for the production of articles for the table and the kitchen. We are constantly improving our products by seeking the best materials, using advanced technologies and creating new and innovative shapes, without compromising functionality.

Pinti Inox is a leading company in the manufacture of stainless steel household articles. In addition to traditional wholesale trade, we specialise in various product sectors such as catering, promotion and G.D.O (Great Organised Distribution).
With our highly flexible production structure, we are one of the few companies in Italy where the manufacture of cutlery, knives, cookware and hollow ware are able to co-exist, resulting in a yearly turnover of over 30 million Euros.
We manufacture over 120,000 units of cutlery, 15,000 knives and 5,000 pans and hollow ware every day; these articles are marketed under the brands of Pintinox and Pinti 1929 in over 50 countries throughout the world.
Our comprehensive catalogue provides 360 solutions for the table and the kitchen.
Our geographical location in the Lumezzane district allows us to work with with the most experienced and skilled professionals in the homeware manufacturing sector.
Following the modern demands of our clientele, our efforts have been invested in attainting the highest quality while maintaing reasonalbe prices. We have in fact obtained the ISO 9001 certification, assuring quality in design, development and production.
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ISO 9001 Certification
This is to certify that the Quality System at PINTI INOX S.p.A. S.p.A. is conforming to the requirements of the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001; 1994 (ISO 9001; 1994). This certification is valid for the following field of application: Planning and production of: cutlery, cookware for domestic, house, catering use and stainless steel articles for the table and the kitchen .
Agrate Brianza, (MI) 14.12.2000
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Pinti Inox S.p.A. - Creating stainless steel flatware, cookware, table and kitchen accessories since 1929.
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